We tell stories about people and product.  We provide food for fodder, and sometimes, we simply find the holes and fill them.  Call it what you will, our priority is to increase visibility and presence for your brand or product - when and where you need it. Quantity? Sometimes. Quality? Always. Consistency. Absolutely.


We connect people to things, people to people, and people to stories.
We know the media, and we know what they need. We know your audience, and we know where they read.

 We have over twenty years of experience in the public relations realm in the cycling, consumer products and restaurant industry. We've been in the trenches; we’ve talked tech to consumers, to shops, to product managers, and to manufacturers. We know media, we make perfect pitches and we’ve made sales. We've written copy, catalogs, blogs and newsletters; we've directed award winning photo shoots and created advertising campaigns.  We’ve managed sponsorship contracts for pro triathletes, road teams, mountain bike and dirt jumpers. We've managed product lines, and we've purchased; we've posted, ‘grammed, tweeted, and produced video. There's little we haven't done. And just imagine the people we've met along the way.

We'll do the research, create the strategy, integrate and implement a social media plan, and create content.  We'll rock your PR world. We'll set mutual goals: increase visibility and brand recognition, and ultimately, we’ll grow your sales.